Why You Need a Website Media Room

1 News releases and links to articles aren't enough today. Your website needs storytelling content in media-ready formats preferred by reporters, editors, producers and bloggers.  

2 When reporters go to a website, they look immediately for a Media Room or Newsroom. Deadlines looming, they don't have time to prowl page to page. They want one-stop info shop. If you make a busy reporter work hard to find what she needs, she'll move on to other sites. Maybe your competitors'? Ouch.

3 Your Media Room becomes the hub of all media activity. You can link to content—news releases, bios, media kits, videos, photos infographics—to share in email, on Twitter and other social media. (Reporters love short pitches with links for drill-down to more info in a Media Room.) 

4 Media Rooms aren't just for media anymore.  

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