How do you charge?

For projects, hourly or a flat fee. For ongoing PR/Media Relations, a monthly retainer for a set period of time can provide great value. Whatever the arrangement, charges are straightforward. Nobody likes OMG billing surprises.

Can you set things up so we, uh, can manage on our own?

Sure. Some clients know that down the road they'll want to take the reins themselves. Realizing that's where we're headed, I can and do help clients get ready to go DIY, with only occasional support from me. A big part of my job is helping clients become more media savvy and confident.

Money's tight. How can we keep costs rock-bottom?

The most obvious answer is to focus on your immediate communications needs or problems. But in general, I'd say hire me to develop two essential pieces: (1) a simple, straightforward PR/Media Plan (2) storytelling content for a website Media Room. With these two pieces are in place, it'll be much easier for you to build at your own pace, within your budget.

Can we hire you to do a single, specific job?

You bet.

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