If your goal is a higher profile, we can develop a PR/Media Relations plan that maps your way to media visibility, supports your marketing and positions you as an expert resource. Then together we'll work the heck out of that plan. 

Or, if you're shopping for a one-time service, I can 

  • help find a solution for a specific communications problem.
  • develop a PR/media plan (if you like, one that's DIY).
  • launch in media a new project, product or service.  
  • identify key messages and storytelling opportunities.
  • write and edit  for print or online (including ghostwriting). 
  • coach in-house writers.
  • create strong, engaging content marketing pieces.
  • help you use video effectively.
  • coach for media interviews, on-camera or off, and presentations.
  • develop website Media Room or media kit content that's reporter-ready.

With either services scenario we'd be clear from the beginning on scope of work, focus, budget, timelines and deadlines.          © Kathe Stanton 2015