Writing & Editing

Good writing delivers implicit messages: "We take communication seriously."  "We're careful about details." "Partnering with us won't embarrass you."

Dull, unfocused writing, burdened with grammatical errors, misspellings, mangled metaphors or punk punctuation, is like a shrug that says "whatever." 

I'd love to help make sure your writing says good things about you when it's time to

  • shape and share your story in a fresh, compelling way.   
  • turn your ideas into a blog post or article for a trade publication. 
  • edit a speech, blog post, presentation or proposal.
  • refresh website copy, staff bios or project descriptions. 
  • develop clear, crisp language to describe a concept or product. 
  • tell your story in news releases, media kits, video or social media. 
  • get into content marketing—which is PR fancy talk for sharing ideas that position you as smart and savvy, without being blatantly self-promotional.



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